We're an energetic bunch who are passionate about creating memorable, immersive board games! While our core members are rooted in Canada, our talented artists like Andrew Bosley (US) and Sahana VJ (India) reside worldwide.

Our Story

Starting in 2019, we've sold over 15,000 copies of our tea board game, Chai! It's been a delight meeting many tea and board game lovers at dozens of conventions, and we're eager to share what's next:

Chai (2019)
Chai: High Tea (2020)
Chai: Tea for 2 (2021)
Unannounced Title (2021)
Unannounced Title (2022)
Unannounced Title (2022)

Our Approach

Our steeped values are embodied in each of our games, which we've designed to be:

1. Imaginative
2. Immersive
3. Inclusive


Dan & Connie

Directors of Creativity

Greg Medhurst

Project Development

Angelica Lazary

High Tea Service
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