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Chai — Deluxe Edition
☕️ Chai — Deluxe Edition One quali-tea copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive ☕️ Chai — Deluxe Edition. Includes all unlocked Retail and Deluxe Edition stretch goals. Have tea with friends and family while playing this immersive board game! Unique features to the...
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Chai Playmat
☕️ Chai — Playmat The official ☕️ Chai Playmat measures roughly 70cm X 46cm, and is carefully crafted for gameplay. Use the five tea cups provided in the game, or place your own in the sky! For comparison, this beauty is slightly larger...
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Chai: High Tea Expansion
☕️ Chai: High Tea Expansion Celebrate the diversi-tea of tea cultures in ☕️ Chai: High Tea, an expansion for Chai! Merchants spice up their teahouses with new player powers, featuring afternoon tea to refreshing horchata, or a sip of yerba mate. Tea merchants...
Chai — Tea Master Edition
☕️ Chai — Tea Master Edition One tea-riffic copy of the limited edition ☕️ Chai — Tea Master Edition, which features wooden and acrylic laser cut components designed and produced in house here in Calgary, AB, Canada.  All unlocked Retail & Deluxe Chai stretch...
Chai & Chai: High Tea — Print & Play
☕️ Chai & ☕️ Chai: High Tea — Print & Play. Access to the complete ☕️ Chai print and play! This includes a digital copy of our rulebook and all colour printed boards and cards. This does not come with any physical components, so...
Chai Metal Coins
☕️ Chai — Metal Coins Grab an extra pack of coins to bling out your copy or add to another game! Stacking perfectly, these coins are included in Chai Deluxe and come in three denominations with differing designs: 15 X Copper ($1) 10 X...
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Chai — Retail Edition
☕️ Chai — Retail Edition. One copy of ☕️ Chai — Retail Edition. This includes all unlocked Retail Edition stretch goals, but not Deluxe goals (GameTrayz™ insert, metal coins, solo dice, extra cards, etc.) featured in ☕️ Chai — Deluxe Edition. Shipment:...
Chai — Limited Edition Art Prints
☕️ Chai — Limited Edition Art Prints We've printed 500 limited edition art print sets of all Chai Deluxe tea customer characters. Painted on high quality art paper with a matted finish, these large 15cm X 11cm prints are perfect as a gift,...
Chai Colouring Book
☕️ Chai — Colouring Book The official ☕️ Chai Colouring Book! Regardless of tea preferences or age, you're in for a tea-riffic treat. This colouring book features ALL 55 tea customers in the world of ☕️ Chai, which includes those unlocked via stretch goals!...
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